Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bret's Gurl.

This post is dedicated to my roommates from 3608-2. Miss yinz.

When I was in college, I lived in an apartment with 5 other people. The place was a dump, and we thought it was a palace. The 6 of us couldn't have been more different, but we loved each other fiercely and that year was a blast.

Our group brought together a mixture of majors, interests, religions, relationship statuses, and core values, which made for some pretty intense household debates from time to time. There was one thing though that consistently brought us together on a weekly basis, and that was the VH1 reality series Rock of Love.

I wish I remember how we even discovered the show in the first place. Maybe it was because the show was such a train-wreck, you'd start watching and just couldn't look away. Maybe it made us all feel better about our life choices. Maybe it was just on at a convenient time. Regardless, each week without fail, we'd gather in the living room to watch peroxide blondes drink vodka in bikinis and yell ridiculous things at one another like, "You sluts aren't here for Bret!"

Shockingly, the girl Bret chose at the end of season 1, didn't work out. (Every rose has it's thorn indeed.) Luckily, this meant we got another season! I joked while job searching that becoming a contestant on the 3rd season would be my back up plan after graduation. (Calm down Mom, I was only kidding!)

During finals week in the midst of season 2, the artist had been locked in the library all day, and lost track of time, until I called her.

"It's 8!" I yelled.
"omg! Rock of Love!" She shrieked.

Literally only 3 minutes later, she arrives at the back door disheveled, out of breath, and carrying a stack of books, but in time for the show. That was the importance of Rock of Love.

I'm writing all of this because Bret Michaels recently had an interview with Oprah, where he delivered gems such as, "Obviously in my situation, for styling purposes, I need a bandanna. That's number one." AND talked about HIS NEW REALITY TV SHOW!

Unfortunately Bret Michaels: Life as I Know, doesn't sound quite as scandalous and entertaining as Rock of Love. Also unfortunately, the 6 of us no longer all live in Pittsburgh, so we won't all be able to hang out and watch it together. Maybe we could have a skype party or something? Actually, if this isn't a sign for a reunion, I don't know what is. Come out here everyone. Precisely and I will host you at la loft, and we'll hang out with Bret.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hi, I'm Kelsey. And I'm a Runner.

So, the thing that's hard about training for a marathon isn't the long runs. Those are tough, but it's easy to carve out a couple of hours in your weekend, and buy some gatorade, and run for 10+ miles.

The hard thing is all those little 3-5 mile runs you need to do during the week in preparation for the long runs. It's hard working those into an already packed work-week schedule. I hate running in the morning, and somedays that is the only time to do it. It's tough constantly thinking about what you're eating and drinking and putting into your body and how that may affect your run the next day. It's tough having something infiltrate every part of your life.

And yet, I think that's part of what makes running great, and training even better. For years, I never dared to identify myself as a runner. Running was something I did because it made me less crazy, and I like to eat. It was something I did, but not something I was. Now however, I have my calendar scheduled with runs until the race at the end of November. I think about running, and read about running, and talk about running. It's become such a major part of my life, I can confidently say I am a runner.

Runners are completely nuts, but it's also an awesome and supportive community to be a part of. It's addicting, and draining, and really fun.

This morning while I was finishing up a quick jog, I stopped at a red light. There was a traffic guard who held up her hand and waved me on and yelled "keep going angel!" Not such a bad way to start your day. And have I mentioned how much I love my new neighborhood?!?

Monday, May 10, 2010


I moved this weekend. It was a far less painful experience than I was expecting, but a bit more bitter sweet than I was prepared for. I'm officially living with Precisely, in a 3rd floor loft which I would say has more square footage than we know what to do with, but we're pretty resourceful, so that would be a lie.

So I've left Bloomfield. And the house I've lived in for the past two years. The house we called a "grown-up" house when we first moved in, and where I graduated college, and threw game nights with 30 people, and kissed boys on the front porch after dates, and limped back to after the half marathon, and turned into party central for Love of Friends 4, and survived Snowmygod! It was a great house.

This move also marks the first time in my life since leaving my parents' house that I haven't lived with the Artist. She and I have been through a dorm room, and two apartments, and I can't tell you how strange it was when saying bye at work today and saying "I'll see you tomorrow" instead of "I'll see you at home."

BUT, she's staying in Pittsburgh, which is awesome, and we will be living in adjacent neighborhoods, and really, we've seen each other every day since I've moved out.

So, the new place. I'm so excited you guys! The space is awesome. It needs a little love, and some paint, but Precisely and I can't wait to get started. We've got plans. And when you get 2 Type A's on a project, things will happen. We spent Sunday afternoon drinking champagne and running around the place gesturing wildly, and planning, and speaking at very fast rates. We have a shared google doc going outlining what we need/want for each room, links to inspirational designs, and other miscellaneous ideas.

There's such great natural lighting in this place that while getting ready this morning, I was thrown off by the cheeriness with all the sunlight. And the water pressure! I haven't had good water pressure for the past 2 years y'all! I've missed it. And I've mentioned the shared closet before right? Because this is technically a 3 bedroom place, and we're turning the 3rd bedroom into a shared walk-in closet. And there's a 42" flat screen television, and high speed internet, and cable! And shows like "I didn't know I was pregnant", which omg how does that happen first of all, and how does it happen enough for there to be a show about it!? And there's an awesome kitchen! And a bar! And living at the bottom of this hill is going to make me skinny!

There will be parties, and you'll all be invited.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Running Buddy and I completed Pittsburgh's half marathon today. It was a lot of fun. I realize that waking up at the crack of dawn to go run for two and a half hours in the pouring rain, is probably considered crazy more than fun, but still, it was fun.

Now, I'm happily showered and lying on the couch and looking forward to napping, which is what you are supposed to do after a marathon according to UPMC, and I am very adept at napping, so will happily oblige.

The race was super well organized, the volunteers were all amazing, I loved that there were bands set up around the course since I was ipodless. So many people were out cheering and high-fiving, and yelling motivational things despite the fact that is was pouring. 'burghers are the best.

Best motivational poster I saw: "Run like you're a college co-ed, and Ben is behind you."

Best running garb I saw: There was a dude dressed like a shark.

Best gatorade flavor: Lemon-lime.

I finished in about 2.5 hours, which is totally what I was expecting, so that's awesome. Philly, we will see you in November for the whole 26.2 miles!