Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When we've come down with cabin fever. And everyone's wearing sweaters, we'll know. It's time.

There's a line in the song "Cabin Fever" by Casey Dienel that goes I'm settling in for the long winter months, with all the friends I can handle. Which, basically sums up how I've gone about surviving the last couple days, as Pittsburgh continues to get snow shower after snow shower and basically be a complete mess.

A snow day? Fun. A snow week? Trying. I read once that the term cabin fever came about due to the pioneers being locked in their cabins with their wood-burning stoves, and going mad from carbon monoxide poisoning. We may not be getting slowly poisoned, but our house is party central for the upcoming Love of Friends v-day bash and therefor looks like this.

This is what sewing 200 totebags and creating decorations out of the scraps looks like. On the one hand, it's been a blessing, because, well, we have lot's of crafting to keep us occupied while stuck indoors. On the other hand, this is what I'm stuck inside living with. So... yea, lot's of cabin fever.

Luckily, everyone's been pretty much feeling this way, so getting out of the house in groups has been great. Last night, we headed to the huge cemetery nearby for sledding.

Unfortunately, the sledding didn't quite work out as well as we'd hoped, but we did snowball fight, and fell backwards into big drifts of snow, and had a great time talking about the likelihood of zombies showing up at any moment. Mostly, it was just nice getting out.

Today found a group of us trekking out to Highland Park to the new Enrico's location for a "Soup and Snow day" as they are calling it. While walking in snow is a good workout, it's not the most fun thing in the world. We did however work on our balance, avoid injury, and invent terms like Model Row - when the path on the sidewalk is so narrow, you have to step one foot right in front of the other. After eating delicious soup, bread, and biscotti we felt much better.

After 5 days, I am so excited to go into work tomorrow. It's a good thing Love of Friends is this weekend. After the past week, Pittsburgh is going to need to party.

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