Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hi, I'm Kelsey. And I'm a Runner.

So, the thing that's hard about training for a marathon isn't the long runs. Those are tough, but it's easy to carve out a couple of hours in your weekend, and buy some gatorade, and run for 10+ miles.

The hard thing is all those little 3-5 mile runs you need to do during the week in preparation for the long runs. It's hard working those into an already packed work-week schedule. I hate running in the morning, and somedays that is the only time to do it. It's tough constantly thinking about what you're eating and drinking and putting into your body and how that may affect your run the next day. It's tough having something infiltrate every part of your life.

And yet, I think that's part of what makes running great, and training even better. For years, I never dared to identify myself as a runner. Running was something I did because it made me less crazy, and I like to eat. It was something I did, but not something I was. Now however, I have my calendar scheduled with runs until the race at the end of November. I think about running, and read about running, and talk about running. It's become such a major part of my life, I can confidently say I am a runner.

Runners are completely nuts, but it's also an awesome and supportive community to be a part of. It's addicting, and draining, and really fun.

This morning while I was finishing up a quick jog, I stopped at a red light. There was a traffic guard who held up her hand and waved me on and yelled "keep going angel!" Not such a bad way to start your day. And have I mentioned how much I love my new neighborhood?!?


  1. There is an excellent book that I almost bought, but didn't, but recommended it to a friend who said it was good, and it might be up your ally: Born to Run is the title.

    Also, glad to hear you are digging Lawer. Liz and I lucked out on craigslist and found an amazing, 1300 sq. foot apartment in Sq Hill, which is just 2 houses back from Darlington and Murry - money location. Sorry to say I won't be in your neighborhood, but we won't be far.

    Game night anyone?

  2. My running buddy is a big fan of that book, so I def need to check it out!

    Your new place sounds bomb! Let me know when game night is :)