Monday, October 11, 2010

Work Hard, Play Harder

Pittsburgh is a really fun town, because it's easy to get involved here.  There are a lot of non-profits and organizations, which means there are a lot of parties to go to or volunteer at.  There is this culture of super-involved people, who are also really cool, and fun to hang out with.  You start volunteering at a couple of events, and the next thing you know, you're sitting on committees, serving as co-chairs, and writing things in your calendar for like, a year in advance.  You get to a point where you start showing up at these parties, and you already know a ton of people.  You may not get paid as a volunteer, but you get to party for free.  We're like, hybrid-socialites.

Friday was Riverlife's first fundraiser, Party on the Pier.  It was so fun!  Highlights included:
- A Boat Ride on the Gateway Clipper
- Cake on the Gateway clipper!
- Food from Enricos (yum!)
- My new knee high boots
- Whiskey and Cider cocktails
- Dancing! (It had been a while, and felt so good!)
- Impromptu brainstorming sessions for LoF
- Late night fire pit
- Becoming stranded on the North Side resulting in a group slumber party
- Group walk of shame back across the Andy Warhol bridge into Downtown the following morning.  (When there's 5 of you, it's not so much shameful as it is a tired-but-fun-walk-in-the-clothes-you-wore-the-night-before, during which you make stops for coffee at Starbucks, slurpees at 7-11, and pumpkin pancakes in the strip.)

Just for the record, volunteering is awesome.

Saturday my friend/coworker got married.  It was a beautiful wedding!  I don't talk about my job much on this blog, but gosh I love my coworkers.  We had a blast.
- My boss pulling me on the dance floor telling me that this would affect my performance review
- Getting totally lost while driving in Southwestern PA
- More dancing!  And feeling the effect of all that marathon training in my very tired legs
- A photo booth, with props, that we had far too much fun with
- the best wedding cake I've ever had!
- Laughing so hard we cried. (Shout out to table 13.)
- The dollar bridal dance, which almost every single guest participated in
- Deciding to go through a haunted house on our way home from the reception (in our wedding attire, i.e. high-heels)
- Getting to Demon house and finding out the admission was $17.  Deciding that was scary enough, and to just go home instead
- A great cookie table (for my family and friends who are not in pittsburgh, and don't know about the cookie table, this is your warning that regardless of when and where I get married, I am having a cookie table, and I'll expect your participation.)
- Singing Katy Perry songs with the Artist's boyfriend

Sunday was:
- Sweatshirts and leggings
- Replacing marathon training with an Arrested Development marathon
- Bowling (I had to leave the game early and still won.  That's because I rock at delegating.)
- Sushi
- Mad Men

October, you're shaping up to be a great month.

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