Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You Learn Something New Every Day

I have a penchant for big bags.  Part of this is out of necessity, since I carry my laptop around with me most days, and part of this is liking to have stuff on hand.  Having a big bag is a security blanket of sorts.  The nights I go out with just a clutch?  I feel very exposed indeed.

After having several bags break on me due to the weight I was forcing them to carry on a daily basis, I finally got fed up, and decided to buy luggage.  So for the past couple of years, my go-to bag has been a light blue vintage samsonite carry on.  It slings over my shoulder perfectly.  It fits my laptop nicely.  It holds all my stuff, and looks good with all of my coats.

Precisely tells me it makes me look like a stewardess.  I choose to interpret this as a compliment.

The problem with having a big bag however, is that you get lazy.  The bag becomes a black hole of sorts, where you start throwing things in there, and never bothering to take them out.  Papers, receipts, business cards, gum wrappers, bits of things that have broken and you can no longer tell what they originally were... you get the picture.

Today I learned that if your bottle of Advil somehow opens (even with a childproof lid!) in your bag dumping pills all over the bottom, you should clean them up right away.  Because if you don't, and one day while commuting to work, your water bottle somehow opens and spills over everything, the pills will dissolve, and you will be left with a layer of pink chalky goo, coating the entire bottom of your bag.

My life is so glamorous sometimes, I can hardly stand it.

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