Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today's 4pm Dance Party Sponsored by All Saints, The Hold Steady, and T.Rex

Kelsey Halling: you know when else life is good? When you're having a dance party at your desk cause your boss is out, and you flip your hair around and you think "Wow my hair smells great! I should wash it every day probably!"

The Artist: hahaha

The Artist: I knew you would be doing that when I saw her leave

Kelsey Halling: you know me so well

The Artist: I thought.. well time for Kelsey's 4:00 Dance party

Kelsey Halling: haha There is a direct correlation between the quality of my work and my desk dance parties

1 comment:

  1. Dance Party Sponsored by All Saints! Seems extremely amazing. Liked the idea of this dance party. We attended a traditional dance party last week at historic seattle convention center and organised by a famous dance school. It was awesome too!