Thursday, July 1, 2010

That One Time Social Media Totally Backfired and Completely Embarrassed Me... WHILE ON A DATE!

If you read this blog (HI GRANDMAMA), you know that it is not anonymous. I firmly believe that if you put something out on the internet, then it is public regardless of what your security settings are or how hard you try to hide your identity. There are algorithms, and codes, and tracking devices (probably), and while I don’t know how all that works, there are nerds and hackers that do.

All that being said, I’m very comfortable with people finding me online. Friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter, google me, addictomatic me, I don’t care, there’s nothing to hide. Family, friends, coworkers, we can all be connected on line. We’re all friends. There is no public and personal life on line, it’s all public. I thought this approach to Social Media was very smart of me. And maybe it still is. But last night, I finally got burned.

So, I’ve been seeing this guy. And until I come up with a better nickname for him on the blog, we will refer to him as “Guy I’ve Been Seeing” or GIBS for short (and this is what happens, GIBS, when you say sure, I can write about you just don’t use your real name).

In a long ago post, I mentioned how I rarely go out with guys on more than 3 dates, so when it happens, it’s exciting. You know what else is exciting? Dating someone for like a month, who is a fun and interesting person, who your friends approve of, who makes you laugh, and who also happens to be a good kisser.

You know what isn’t exciting? Or fun? When you’ve just had a great date, and he’s about to drive you home, and checks his iPhone, and asks if you know someone who has requested to follow him on twitter because you share the same last name as this person, and you realize in horror, that the request came from your mother!

Did. Not. See that one coming. Ever.

My Mom refuses to join facebook. She only has a twitter account because I set it up for her. She has never tweeted. She only follows 2 people. Me and @Coro_Pittsburgh. Yet somehow, this happened.

So of course, I was so embarrassed. How does one handle that situation??? What do you say? “Oh yea, guy I’ve been seeing for a month, that’s my Mom who requested to follow you on Twitter.”

GIBS to his credit, was a good sport about the whole thing, and laughed and said his Mom would have done the same thing if she was on twitter, (only she’s not and she didn’t). He did text me later that night, so apparently he hasn’t been scared off thinking me or my family is totally crazy. Or maybe he does and is ok with that anyways.

I called my Mom the next day, and she had no idea she requested anything of anyone. She apparently was trying to open some hyperlink I had tweeted, and started hitting buttons. She kept asking me “But how did I do that?” I don’t know Mom. I just know somehow you did.

Once she thought about the situation, she cracked up. “Oh honey,” she said in between laughs, “I’m sorry. Tell him,” more laughter “it was completely unintentional.” laughs.

Sigh. Parents and technology.

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