Monday, July 12, 2010

That time we thought we'd have to play Gin Rummy, then realized we don't own any cards.

For whatever reason, unbeknownst to us and Comcast, Precisely and I have been without internet OR cable since yesterday morning. Luckily, we live above Crazy Mocha, so I was able to get some work done in the morning over coffee, and even more luckily we both have iphones so no Mom, it wasn’t as bad as when I lost service while we were driving through Wisconsin. I could still internet stalk as necessary.

After about half an hour of conversation, we found ourselves sitting on the couch looking at each other and saying “so…now what”?

Which, yes, drives home how attached we are to our internet and to our On Demand. But also, seriously, SERIOUSLY, what did people do before??? It was like a power outage, except our lights worked. We thought about playing cards, but then realized we don’t have any.

So I continued to stain some shelves that are going in our kitchen. And staining is one of those projects that I always think are going to be great, until I’m about 5 minutes into it, and then I’m completely over it, so I guess it’s good I couldn’t be distracted by True Blood, ad finished the stupid shelves instead. Precisely watched me for a while, offered to help, and then busied himself with going through my computer when I offered him a brush.

He found old computer games I didn’t even know I had, which apparently got transferred over to my new macbook from my old ibook, and the next thing I know there are all kinds of weird sound effects and soundtracks coming out of my computer.

“Woah. Babe.” He said, “This game has a flying dinosaur…In a wormhole... In space!”

I glance up then continue with staining.

Even louder noises erupt from my laptop.

“ Oh no!” Precisely shouts, “My dinosaur just exploded!”

This. This is why the internet is a vital thing. Because without it, what do you do with computers? Play games where dinosaurs blow-up. Or Free cell. I dunno.

Comcast is coming today, Thank God. Also, I’m buying some cards just in case.

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