Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is why I Hate Moving.

But didn't I move a month ago? Why yes, actually it was a month and a half ago, which is apparently not enough time for me to unpack all of my worldly possessions. I hate moving for a lot of reasons, one of which is the fact that it uproots your life, processes, and any semblance of organization you may have had, for months.

So it's July 1 tomorrow, which means that rent is due, which means I have to put the rent-check in the mail today. Of course when I go to write the rent check, I find I'm out of checks. Which is fine cause I have extra. Until I realize that's not at all fine because I have no idea where I would have put my extra checks during the move, and I have no idea where they are. Also, I have to catch a bus so that I can get to work like the responsible adult I try to be 76% of the time.

So I tear around the apartment, and dig through the boxes that haven't been unpacked, and bang things around, and shout some expletives, and generally make Precisely probably really glad that he's living with me as he's trying to work in the other room. I do the thing where I think, "If I were me. And I am. Where would I have put those extra checks?" And they weren't in the closet, under the pile of clothes in my room, or in the bathroom/kitchen/behind the bar. I had no idea where they could be.

I was about to resign myself to getting a money order, when I found them literally as I ran out the door. They were in one of those plastic jack-o-laterns used for trick-or-treating at halloween which was under a table in the entry-way. Of course they were. Why didn't I think to look for extra checks in the jack-o-latern in the first place???

I swear, sometimes even I can't begin to fathom how my mind works.


  1. Liz and I are moving tomorrow. I was going to ask you for help, but now....

  2. haha, I actually don't mind helping others move as much as I dislike moving myself. So, if yinz need some help, I'm still young enough to be willing to help people move in exchange for pizza and beer ;)