Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I grew up without cable...

I grew up without cable.*

Maybe this is why I enjoyed babysitting so much. "Oh sure I'll make mac n' cheese, then put your kids to bed at 8pm and watch Sex and the City re-runs for 3 hours until you get home."

The point is, that now, I once again live in a house with cable. Good cable. Like, On demand.

Meaning, that while I had every intention of writing tonight about my cousin's wedding, and being in Minnesota, and missing my WIL graduation, I'm instead watching True Blood. And am too distracted by the campiness of it all to be bothered to multi-task.

So, I blame my parents. I'm still so engrossed with On Demand, I can't possibly do anything else. That's when you're cured in therapy right? When you blame your parents?


* I actually had awesome parents, and if I can raise my kids half as good as they raised me and my sister, my kids will be great.

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  1. Not sure if this is On Demand or not, but Modern Family is an outstanding series. I highly recommend it. That is, if it is On Demand.