Thursday, June 3, 2010

Will Walk for Ice Cream.

Somehow, the month of May completely disappeared, Memorial Day happened, and it became summer. Summer's in Pittsburgh are special. It becomes a completely different city. And it's awesome.

I didn't fully experience a Pittsburgh summer until after my junior year of college, since I spent the summers after my freshman and sophomore years running away to Europe (I know, I know, first world problems). After that first full summer here, I was hooked. I'll take my vacations throughout the year thanks. The summers, I want to spend in Pittsburgh.

This summer, I've found a new activity which combines two of my most favorite things about this season. Ice cream and walking.

I walk a lot. All year 'round, in all kinds of weather. But walking in the summer is great. Especially when done at night. And Ice cream. Ice cream is good all year round too, but especially good in the summer.

So, I walk for ice cream. It started with the new frozen yogurt place in Squirrel Hill. The other #1 Big Hurry fan and I walk there from Bloomfield. Then this week Precisely and I walked from La Loft up to Oh Yeah.

It's perfect. Walk for an hour, get ice cream, walk back. Rinse and repeat every time it's a nice evening. Spend time with friends, enjoy not wearing a coat, eat ice cream guilt-free.


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  1. Excellent call - Lizzard and I walk a lot as well - usually from here to ColdStone in Sq Hill, but need to try that new place were frzn yogurt magically pours out of the walls...

    And +3 for vacations outside of summer. This is why I ran away to New Orleans for a long weekend in early March.