Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stories from the Suburbs.

Before heading out to Arizona for Christmas, I came home to the suburbs of Philadelphia for one night. I suppose that everyone becomes convinced their home town is completely weird once they've moved away, but seriously, Newtown can be a kooky place.

Although kookiness is not without it's perks, as I discovered today when my Dad and I stopped by Target on our way home from the airport. We walk in and...Target has a Starbucks now!?!?
Two of my most favorite things combined! (yes, I'm a materialistic American consumer.) Also, I'm getting a latte for while I shop.

We're standing in line and my Dad says "This must be a twenty-somethings dream, huh? Starbucks and Target??"
"I know!" I reply. "I just tweeted about it!" If there was any doubt about my being a part of gen Y, I'm pretty sure that statement erased it.

Once home, my sister tells us of suburban craziness she noticed earlier while running. Apparently she went past a house that had several paper lawn bags sitting at the edge of their driveway. The type of paper lawn bags that get filled with leaves, or grass, depending on the season, which the garbage people eventually remove for you. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that these bags were filled with...snow. Snow. I'm not sure if these people just didn't have time for it to melt, or couldn't be bothered to push it off of their driveway on to their lawn. Whatever their reasoning, I'm curious as to how long it will sit there, because I don't think most garbage removal services cover snow.

Why does anyone leave the city?

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