Sunday, December 6, 2009


It's Sunday. Meaning brunch day. Who can't love a meal that doesn't require you to wake up early, covers 2 of your 3 daily main meals (yay multi-tasking), and mixes alcoholic beverages with orange juice deeming it socially acceptable to start your day with champagne.

Pittsburgh has several great places for brunch, but the one I frequent the most is Dozen Bakery in Lawrenceville. I started going to Dozen for brunch because my friend worked there, but soon discovered the quiche. Dozen has the best quiche. I've ever tasted.

It's to the point now that when I come in, my friend doesn't even ask me what I want, because although the rest of the menu options look pretty scrumptious, I don't care about anything but this quiche. Each week it's a new combination of cheese and seasonal vegetable and goodness.

Last Friday I ran into the Dozen friend while out dancing. He introduced me to a girl who also works at Dozen.
- "Hi" I said "We may have met before actually, I come in a lot for brunch."
-"Oh" she replied "yea maybe."
- "I really like the quiche." I said.
- "Oh right." she answered. "I remember you."


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