Friday, December 11, 2009

You Forget...

In health class, I remember learning about how once a woman gives birth, her body is flooded with hormones that make her forget just how truly painful childbirth is. The reasoning behind this, is that otherwise no woman in her right mind would ever give birth more than once.

It is my belief that Pittsburgh winters are basically the same. You know in your mind that the winters are rough, and yet part of you forgets just how terrible it is until you're standing at a bus stop waiting for the 54C which is 20 minutes late, and you can't feel your feet, and you almost want to cry, but then realize that your tears would just freeze to your face making you even more miserable. Ugh. And it's only December!

Gone are the days of bike riding, summer flings, lying in the grass reading, and drinking beer on the front porch. Hello days of dark, bundled, weight gaining, I wish I could just hibernate through this until April.

I still love my city, but my god did winter kick my butt yesterday! It's time to break out the parka.

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