Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

Confession. I am the gullible-est. Exhibit A being the following g-chat conversation. Thanks @RUBBERsoulLess.

RSL: Big Ben confessed to the rape charges, he's looking at a year of prison.
RSL: Steelers are about to have a press conference. He's going to be cut.
Me: I would hope so
Who'll play QB?
RSL: Don't know yet...but Ben released a statement
Me: what an ass
RSL: Yeah, in the statement he said: April Fools


Me: Every year, I try to remind myself throughout the day that it's April Fools, and EVERY year, someone gets me.
Well played sir
RSL: I've tried it on three other people, and you're the only one its worked on
Me: palm forehead slap

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