Monday, April 26, 2010

Where is she?

So, I have this roommate. She's great, but a bit random. She has a crazy work schedule since she works at the hospital next door, and leaves at either 6 in the morning, or not until 4 in the afternoon. She comes and goes, and I'm never quite sure when I'll see her, and my Mom thinks she's made up, but I promise she's real.

Anyways, the artist asked me on Thursday if I had seen this roommate lately, which I hadn't, but it's also not at all weird for us to go a couple days without seeing one another.

By Saturday, we still hadn't seen her, or heard anything from her. I was perplexed, and the artist was convinced she was lying in a ditch somewhere. I checked facebook, and saw that she had at least responded to a wall post made the day before. So, we knew she wasn't dead.

Eventually, we got in touch with a friend of hers. Turns out, she went to Florida. Without telling any of us. We're not sure when she'll be back. I feel weird leaving the house without telling someone where I'm going, she goes on vacation without so much as mentioning it.

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