Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh Canada

Type A's like to do things well. However, as one gets older, one discovers that there are certain things one will never do well. Like mental math, or playing halo, or dancing. I've come to accept most of these things that I will never be good at and instead use calculators, avoid most video games, and embrace the fact that I dance like a middle-age white woman.

One of my family's mottos growing up was, Always dance when you've got the chance. I was raised with 5 family mottos, but that's another post for another time.

Back to dancing. While in Toronto, I found myself at a birthday party for a couple of Australians. It was apparently a themed birthday party, but I didn't get the theme, because everyone just seemed to be dressed like most of the Canadian's I saw that weekend. There was a lot of flannel.

At one point I was dancing, doing the arm pop, and not caring, when this German guy leans in and says to me, "Keep dancing. You look like a 1920's diva when you dance."

My first reaction was "what does that even mean???!!!" Instead of asking, I just went with "Thank you!" and returned to my arm popping.

I'm just going to assume it was a language barrier thing, and take it as a compliment. The funny thing about dancing is, while I may be bad, most of the Europeans and Canadians I've seen are even worse. It's like sarcasm, and being loud. We Americans are just good at some stuff.

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