Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where am I?

I love airports. Why? Because they are impossible to get lost in. Everything is clearly marked, in large signs, named A,B,C, 1,2,3. Airports are the best.

You know what I hate? College campuses. Unless you went to school there, and even if you did, they are the most confusing, poorly marked places on earth.

I am terrible with directions. Seriously awful. The first time I drove to the grocery store when I got my driver's license, I had to ask my Mom for directions. To the grocery store. The one I had been going to for the past 16 years.

This being the case, I usually do extra research when going someplace new for the first time. Google Satellite image is maybe the best thing to ever happen to me.

So, on Monday when my boss asked me to fill in for her at a career fair at CMU, I said sure. Unfortunately, I didn't carefully read the email about said career fair that she forwarded to me.

This morning, I got to CMU's campus relatively early and decided to text my sister.
Dude. I'm on your campus on the 4th floor ballroom of the Student Union. Come say hi! And bring me a coffee!

I started walking up the stairs, and when I got to floor 3 realized that it was the last floor. Huh. That's when I got a call from my sister.
"What do you mean 4th floor?" she asked. "This building only has 3."
"Yea" I answered, "Just realized that."
"Well, I have a coffee for you. Come down to the first floor and meet me."

Somehow, I miss the first floor, go upstairs, go back downstairs, get even more lost, and find myself passing by a poster advertising the career fair I was supposed to be at. The career fair happening at Duquesne University. Crap.

Finally, completely disoriented I call my sister.
"I hate this building!" I yelled. "I'm standing between FedEx and PNC, where am I?!?"
Her, snicker. "You're in the basement. Can you just stay there? I'll come get you."
Me, "Fine. Also, I think I'm supposed to be at Duquesne."
Her, full on laughter "Oh wow. Ok. Stay there."

I eventually got out of the building, got my coffee, and got to Duquesne. Eventually.

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