Saturday, February 25, 2012

I suppose there are worse misconceptions that people can have of me.

Last week, some friends of mine told me a story of how a mutual acquaintance of ours told them that I was married, in answer to one of them mentioning that they wanted to set me up.

This story in particular was funny because the person who was under the assumption that I was married, was also under the assumption that I was married to Precisely.  We are not. In fact, right now, I'm about as absolutely single as you can get.

Even stranger however is that not too long before this marriage misinterpretation, a coworker of mine mentioned that he was under the impression I was engaged.

I do not know where these assumptions are coming from.

I wear no ring, make no mention of a partner, have never introduced anyone as "my husband" or "fiance", and while I don't discuss my personal life with the whole world, I feel it's fairly well known among my networks that I date.

The minute my friends told me that someone else thought I was married, I immediately responded with. "This is why I'm still single! I apparently give off an air of being in a committed-for-life-relationship!"

Though, really, this is not the worst misconception that people could have of me.  I mean, at least no one (to my knowledge) is saying "Poor Kelsey, she'll probably die alone." No! Instead, they think I'm already married. Capable of that kind of a relationship.  So I will take the misunderstanding as a compliment.

Just to set the record straight though.  I'm not married. Not even a little.

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