Thursday, February 16, 2012

All you need is Love (of Friends)

It was Valentine's Day this week.

Which means that I spent Tuesday evening, as I've spent the last 4 Valentine's Days, throwing an awesome party for 200 people with some of my closest friends.

The LoF Team! Bethany, myself, Chris, Alexa, Jordan, Kelly, and Regina
photo credit: the lovely and talented Renee Greenlee

Love of Friends chapter 6 was held this year at Bakery Square.  Thanks so much to them and Revive Marketing Group for their generosity, sponsorship, help, and friendship.

I got the chance on Tuesday, to pause for a second and look over the crowd, and take it all in. Which, is maybe the best part of event planning. And I was so blown away by all of the beautiful people, the gorgeous artwork, the music, the energy and positivity all come together in one place.  It was so inspiring.  Check out this wonderful video from Ben Noftzger, and you'll see what I mean.

Love of Friends 2012 from Ben Noftzger on Vimeo.

Pittsburgh, I love you. Regina, Kelly, Chris, Jordan, Alexa, and Bethany I love you.  Thanks everyone who was involved, for making Valentine's Day so wonderful.

I hope it was happy for you too.

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