Monday, January 2, 2012

We Went Through a LOT of Bramble... and a LOT of Champagne!

Happy New Year! I ushered in the new year at a cabin in West Virginia with friends, flannel, fires, several bottles of champagne, and little cell phone service.  It was lovely.

Notable Quotes from New Years 2011-2012

"We might starve. STARVE!"

"It's been a long time since I've shot a gun."

"Ok, so we make a right on this road, and then we'll pass... and I quote... 'the old barn' on our right."

"This trip just turned into the Oregon Trail. We are now traveling at a GRUELING pace."

"I thought I saw a deer. Turns our it was a mailbox."

"We brought our composting!"

"I can't wait to buy bullets!"

While lost in the woods on a hike. 
"Alright guys. I've seen enough horror movies to know that this is the point in which we should absolutely split up."

- "Are we gonna watch the ball drop?"
- "I think that's some kind of rule."
- "I've never seen it before."
- ::the whole group:: "EVER?!?!"
- "I've always been somewhere partying."

- "What's the verdict on the Hunstman daughters?"
- "The brunette is hot."
- "The brunette is really hot, she looks like her Dad."

When the caviar was served.
"We are seriously the fanciest cabin-folk around."

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