Monday, August 23, 2010

Spring Forward, Fall Back Down

It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.
- Joe Fox, You've Got Mail

It rained today, and when I left work this evening it was cool. Cool as in it made me realize that it's going to be fall soon, which, as much as y'all know I love my Pittsburgh Summers, I can't help but be excited for.

This marks the second fall in which I won't be going back to school. Even though my year follows a different schedule, there is still something about the fall. I think it might be my favorite season.

I love Pittsburgh summers, but they're fleeting and fun and not quite real life. My birthday is in the spring, which ads to the feeling of re-birth in the season, but springs in Pittsburgh tend to be rainy and cold. I also have the distracting and cliche habit of falling in love in the spring, or at least head first into a crush that won't last past labor day. Winters here are hard. But Fall, fall, is lovely.

So let's make this the best fall ever! Let's trade the strappy sandals for knee high boots. Let's put away the silk and linen, and break out the tweed and wool blends. If nothing else fall has the best fashion.

Let's stop with the frozen drinks and gin and tonics and enjoy rich red wines and spicy fall brews. Let's eat pumpkin flavored pastries, and drink hot chai tea.

Let's enjoy walking without being sticky and sweaty upon arrival. And enjoy the satisfying crunch of leaves underfoot.

Let's listen to Feist, and The National, and The Weakerthans and revel in the hurt-so-good, artificial depression and nostalgia that kind of music provides.

Let's take a weekend road-trip to New York, and drive out to see Falling Water in the changing colors, and ride our bikes for the last time. The best running happens in the fall.

Let's go on hayrides, and dress up for Halloween, and enjoy the weight we've lost over the summer before we gain it back over the holidays.

Let's buy new notebooks even if we're not going back to school. Let's get to work.

Bring it on Fall!


  1. Yessssss - I can't wait for Fall. Missing from your lists: FOOTBALL, The Avett Brothers and you had the spirit of this, but not listed it outright, pumpkin lattes. Fall should be your favorite time of year - that's my vote at least.

  2. Noted. I will add all of your mentioned items to my list o' fall.

  3. Sooo, just this morning I struggled to wake up and realized that the sun is no longer shining brightly at 6 am! Today was such a "fall is coming" kind of day. I will try very hard to embrace the enthusiasm that you and Ian have but it's a bit tough as I am a summer lover at heart. I can, however, fully embrace the fashion and red wine ;) Hopefully we will see you soon to partake in some fall festivities!

  4. I am always down to partake in activities involving red wine and good fashion! We'll turn you into a fall lover soon enough...