Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Must Be Responsible

Today I logged onto my banking account to see just how much damage I did during my stay in NYC. Did I mention that I basically spent the time I wasn't working eating/drinking my way around Manhattan? And while I was ok with that, and have vowed to work-out like a fiend over the next week to make up for it, I did the thing where you just don't check your account balance, because you know there's still money in there but you don't want to be made aware of how much you've spent.

Anyways, imagine my joy today when while checking my account, I also realized that my credit limit has been TRIPLED since I last looked. All those months of responsibly paying off my credit card has finally been worth it! I can do that thing where you spontaneously hop on the next bus to the airport and take whatever is the first flight they'll let you on. Or, you know, be reassured that my credit card could now actually bail me out of an emergency, god forbid I need it, because the bank thinks I'm a responsible grown-up.

Speaking of being grown-up, I went to my second pre-thanksgiving dinner this afternoon. By the time I arrived (Port Authority hates to be anywhere on time on Sundays) everyone was already pretty tipsy. I mean, the Steelers game did start at 1:00, and THEY LOST so I can only imagine that the majority of Pittsburgh was intoxicated by 4:30 pm. The point to all of this, is that we had a great time eating food, and drinking beers on a Sunday, and most of the people there were a couple years older than me. I find it very reassuring to think that there's still time before I have to grow up. Even if PNC thinks I'm responsible.

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