Sunday, April 22, 2012

Conversation with my Mother

As I was walking to meet potential new roommates for the first time, I was on the phone with my Mom.

Mom: "Don't like them, just because you want to like them. Be sure to look for anything that could be creepy!"

Me: "You mean, creepier than the girl who will be moving in with a bow and arrows?"

Mom: "Good point.  That is kind of creepy..."

They seemed cool though.  And I didn't mention the bow and arrows.  So in a month, I'll be moving to Highland Park.


  1. Why do I always have to find these things out from your blog?! This means I need to find a new couch to crash on when in L-ville. I'm sad.

  2. haha, a lot of people found this out via the blog, you're not alone! I'm bummed to leave Lawrenceville too, but its not forever, and I'm excited about Highland Park!