Friday, July 29, 2011

Avoiding the Boring

There's a patch of sidewalk on Smallman street in the Strip District, that has 3 hopscotch games painted on the cement.  On each square, in addition to a number is a sentence.  Each game tells a story, or makes a statement, and yesterday, while I was walking home, the last couple squares of one in particular caught my attention.

Because I think about quitting a lot of things too.

However, I think that there are few things as tragic as a boring life. And while it's something that can be easily avoided, I think it's also something that can sneak up on you slowly, and by the time you realize it, it's too late.  It's a great fear of mine, to wake up 10 years from now only to discover that I've stopped paying attention to living, and have fallen into a routine and am boring.

So, I'm gonna keep on trying to cram in as much experience as I possibly can. Without, you know, losing my mind or anything like that.  Although it should be said that crazy people are rarely dull.

The bottom line? Don't quit. 'Cause that would be boring.

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