Monday, January 24, 2011

Being Swedish

(or, Precisely's advice on how to get through winter.)

While getting ready for work this morning...

Precisely: "Have you checked the weather yet?"
Me: "No.  Why?  What's it doing?"
Precisely: "It's 0 degrees out."
Me: "%*#$!!!" stamps foot  "I can't do this anymore!  I'm sick of my snowboots, I hate my puffy coat, and I don't want to wear 17 layers!"
Precisely: raises eyebrows "It's not patience.  It's not a toddler having a temper tantrum.  It's winter.  It comes once a year, and we have another 2 months of it, and you have to deal with that."
Me: sulks
Precisely: "Just be sure you bundle up."
Me: "I'm sick of all my winter clothes, I have nothing to wear."
Precisely: "Just be Swedish."
Me: skeptical look
Precisely:  "Put on the biggest sweater you own, a small skirt, some thick tights, and goofy shoes, and you'll be all set."

So that's what I did.  10 minutes later, Precisely comes back into the closet.

"Cute," he said. "Isn't it fun being Swedish?"
"I guess so?" I responded. "What will be fun is when it's warm again."
"hey," he said. "You're parents could have never moved out of Minnesota, and then you'd be stuck there, where it's really cold."

Truth.  Here's to another 2 months of winter.


  1. I just really wish this had a comic drawings to go along with this. I can vision it: you and Precisely standing in your closet, him leaning against the door, arms crossed, you wearing the outfit. Love it.

  2. ah! If I could draw that would be so perfect!

    the way you envisioned it is pretty much how it happened though.