Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back-Up Singers, Boston, and Sacrificing One Dream for Another

When I was 7, I wanted to be a back-up singer.  I had seen an episode of Full House, which had concluded with a performance by Jesse and the Rippers.  My young impressionable self decided that being a back-up singer would obviously be just about the coolest thing ever.

I told my Dad about my back-up singing ambitions, and he was more than supportive.  "I think that would be so fun," he responded, "being up there with the band, in the midst of all the excitement, it would be great!"

Then I told my Mom.  Her response was a little different.  "A back-up singer?!  Why don't you want to  be the lead singer??"

I did it anyways.  In college.  Katie Geise and the Polygons was probably my peak of coolness.

(KG & the PG's)

So, when the artist asked if I would be interested in singing back up with her band Big Hurry for their upcoming CD release show, I was thrilled.

Look at them!  Aren't they cool?  I have crushes on all of them!

However, as I grew up, my ambitions began to expand beyond that of being a back-up singer.  Somewhere along the way, the idea of entrepreneurship and being part of creating a business popped into my head, and has been something I haven't been able to shake.  Then, because of my current work in non profit, I became more and more interested in the newly emerging 4th sector, the triple bottom line theory, trade vs. aid, and how businesses can positively impact and perhaps even solve social problems.

Somehow, the stars aligned and I've found myself involved with a group of truly amazing individuals who are working on forming a social venture in Haiti.  There was some nice press on the project that was picked up by Yahoo a couple of weeks ago.

We have the opportunity to go to Boston this weekend to meet with some industry folks who can hopefully give us some more insight and education into how to make this operation work.

Unfortunately, going to Boston means missing the CD release show.  More than missing the opportunity to sing back-up and maybe play tambourine, I'm upset that I will be missing the show.  I have watched this band from their first public performance, evolving into the talented group they are now, and becoming friends with them along the way.  I'm sad to miss out on celebrating this major milestone with them.

So, if you are in Pittsburgh, I urge you to go to Brillobox on Friday.  Big Hurry puts on a great live show, they have awesome guests performing with them, it will be a great time.

As for me, I'll be rocking out to the the new CD on the plane to Boston, because watching a business evolve is pretty cool too.

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