Monday, November 29, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

There comes a time in every single-girl's life when she has to find a way to stay warm at night in the winter.  Or at least every single-girl who decides to live in a spacious yet drafty loft which is mad expensive to heat, and therefor keeps the temperature at a brisk-somewhere-in-the-'50s range. (It doesn't help having an equally competitive roommate so that neither of you wants to seem like a wimp and turn the heat up.  You just put on another sweater and have a cup of tea and stop complaining.)

I have an electric blanket, and a heavy down comforter, but sometimes it's still not enough.  A couple of years ago, my Mom gave me and my sister matching pairs of pajamas for Christmas.  These pajamas are Christmas themed; they're bright red with snow flakes, they're made out of flannel, and they are SO WARM.  While at my parent's house this past week, I found these flannel Christmas pj's, and decided that they were coming back with me to Pittsburgh.  Because they're SO WARM!

Thus begins the dilemma...

Maybe some of you are thinking, "it's pajamas, not that many people are going to see them, what's the big deal?" To which my answer is, it's like underwear.  True, only I see them, but if I like them, I feel better, and my clothes look better too.  True story.

Trading in my cute camis and slips for a pair of flannel pajamas feels a lot like giving up entirely.

But.  SO WARM!

So, last night I wore them.  I was brushing my teeth and the bathroom door was open and Precisely walked by.

He paused, "What are you wearing?" he asked.

I turned around.

He burst out laughing.  Like doubled up, and can't talk he's laughing too hard laughing.

"They're really warm!" I yelled.

"Omg.  I thought".. he laughed..."there's no way she's wearing Christmas pajamas".. laughs... "but you are!  Those are snow flakes!" Dissolves into another fit of laughter.

I rolled my eyes. "They're flannel and they're warm, and I have no one to impress but you."

"Which you are not.  At all." he emphasized.

And you know what?  I'm not going to apologize for being warm.

It could be worse, at least I haven't bought a cat.

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