Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Dress

Sometimes, you find a piece of clothing just in time for a specific event that fits you like it was made for you, and you thank the fashion gods for your good clothing karma.

Personally, I belong to the more practical school of thought that believes when you find something you love that fits you well, you buy it whether or not you have someplace to wear it to, because that way, when events/dates/presentations/whatever do arise you already have something to wear. Also, it's pretty much stated in Murphy's law that if you go shopping for a specific event, you will inevitably find nothing you like, and no one likes to have a break down in a dressing room.

So, when my boss and CEO of Thread was nominated for this year's 40 under 40 and I knew a dressed up evening was in order I mentally rifled through the dresses I have for occasions such as this, and decided on a cocktail dress I made for a cousin's wedding a couple of years ago, and that was that.

Until, that is, the perfect dress literally showed up on my doorstep the night before.

My grandparents recently moved full-time to Florida, and my parents spent a weekend in Chicago helping them with the packing and organization and general awfulness that is moving.

My grandmother, it needs to be noted, has impeccable taste and I have been fortunate enough to have inherited a few of her pieces over the years, which I love.  My mother, has a knack for knowing when something will fit me well even when its not obvious on a hanger. (She spotted my prom-dress in an overwhelmingly crowded vintage store, and to this day I've never loved a dress more.)

Anyway, my Mom saw a dress my grandmother was donating to Goodwill while helping to pack for the move, thought it would look good on me, so took it and shipped it to me, where it came into my possession the night before this event.

And it was perfect. Fit like I had made it myself. Accentuated everything you want to draw to attention to, while hiding everything you want hid. It was comfortable, glamorous, and elegant.

The event was a blast. My team and friends and adopted extended family had a great time celebrating some awesome 'burghers and eating, drinking, dancing, and being merry. It had been a long week, and having a couple hours to simply celebrate and enjoy each others company was a joy.

And I felt beautiful, which is such a trite and shallow thing right? Except that it's important. It's important sometimes in the midst of living to get dressed up, go to a party, and feel beautiful.

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